Camp Site On the River

Why choose us?

Our camp grounds are never crowded

We are situated along 5 km’s of the great Mary River on 580 acres of a
working Dairy farm, one of the most beautiful and picturesque of
any dairy farm in Qld.

Our camp grounds are unique

We are a commercial  dairy farm  producing 2.5 million litres of milk
each year and as such, we leave our area in a natural state,
as much as possible.

It is not a manicured lawn like some campgrounds, but just tidy  and natural.

Direct Contact: +61455 176 240

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Did you know??

The river is pristine and there is a colony of platypus
that lives on a section of river. Sometimes, early in the
morning if you are quiet, you may see them
playing in the river

We also have the unique Mary River Lungfish in one section of the river, they are often sighted but are protected and must be left alone. If caught while fishing, as with all fish caught, they must be let go immediately.

Soon we will include dairy tours on some weekends to show our guests what it takes to produce milk as well as feeding the baby calves. If you’re lucky you may see a baby calf
being born.

Direct Contact: +61455 176 240

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  • Check-in time 10:00 AM
  • Check-out time 12:00 PM


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